Hiring the wrong salesperson can be devastating to your business. Not only do you waste time, money and resource training someone who was not a good fit, you can also damage your company’s reputation as salespeople are the face of your business. The average turnover in sales is around 25 percent which means the entire sales department may need to be retrained every four years. One lost sales employee could cost your business as much as $300,000. Transformed Sales can offer you a solution to this common problem. 
Wesleyne Greer has developed a system for sales hiring that can help prevent you from choosing the wrong person for the position. She understands that selling varies greatly from one industry to another which means your sales staff must be committed to your product or service. They must have the technical knowledge necessary to tell clients about what you can bring to the table as well as skills that make almost all salespeople successful. At Transformed Sales, we want you to succeed which is why our sales hiring program is designed to help you choose the perfect candidates who will stick with you for the long term. 
One of the best ways to improve your hiring practices is to create better assessment skills. This is an area where Wesleyne excels. She can help you identify candidates with a good fit with your company culture as well as those whose background seems a good fit for the products and services you offer. Assessments that include hands-on experiences where a salesperson is able to see what a regular customer may have to deal with can be very helpful, for example.  
Transformed Sales can also help you create job descriptions and postings that are more likely to get a response from the right candidates. The wording in a job advertisement is critical to attracting the right candidates. If your advertisement is not worded properly, your applicants could be those with the wrong experience, leaving you with a smaller pool of candidates when you are ready to hire. 
You also want to be sure that when you hire upper-level sales positions, such as sales managers, you choose those that have leadership skills that they can demonstrate. Although many companies promote hiring from within for sales management positions, this is not always recommended. Wesleyne will be honest with you regarding your sales staff’s ability to move into management. It is sometimes difficult for employees to transition from coworker to supervisor. However, Transformed Sales will be able to identify those who appear ready for the transition and who will be able to switch over from friend to boss. 
If you are experiencing turnover among your sales staff or simply want to make changes to your hiring practices, contact Transformed Sales today by calling or filling out the online form today to see how we can reorganize your hiring process to be sure you only hire the right candidates, saving your company money, time and frustration.