Although sales numbers don’t lie, just looking at the numbers does not always give you details on the performance of a salesperson. Effectiveness is hard to judge based on numbers as a salesperson may do well with specific customers which could bring in revenue, but they may not be reaching out to new clients or talking to current clients about new products or services. This is why sales team evaluations can be critical.


Transformed Sales offers comprehensive sales team evaluations which help you set sales quotas, specific goals and manage compensation for your sales staff. Although a salesperson may be performing well within their metrics, there is always room for improvement and evaluating your entire staff is a great way to know where you need to make changes. Wesleyne’s evaluations are honest and straightforward. If it appears one member of your salesforce could use some additional training, she will provide you with solution-based options to get that training to them.

As a way to encourage your sales staff, you also want to reward the correct behaviors. By creating goals and objectives, you will be able to measure how well each member of your staff is doing and also identify those who are not achieving. Transformed Sales will identify where those goals need to be and help you create a sales culture that your entire staff can get behind. Wesleyne can identify the metrics that are important to you and your business and help you develop goals that will achieve those metrics.

There is no question that performance reviews are a great way to make your sales representatives accountable. Transformed Sales can help you create reviews at any interval you choose, whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. After evaluating your salesforce, Wesleyne will be able to see where things need to be adjusted to better improve your company’s bottom line. Keep in mind that her recommendations will be based in proven methods that have helped companies like yours move to the next level. She will also be the first to applaud your success as she believes she can help you define what it means to be successful and provide them with the skillset they need to reach that level.

Evaluating your sales department is a great way to get a handle on your weaknesses and strengths in that area. Transformed Sales can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your sales methods, staff and protocols to determine where you can improve in order to increase revenue. Simply fill out the easy online form to learn more or give us a call today to see how a sales evaluation can help your company.