A strong sales team is critical to the success of any business, yet they are too often ignored when it comes to training. The fact is that a well-trained salesperson can have a strong influence on a potential customer as well as an existing one. This makes training your salesforce even more important than it has ever been. Transformed Sales is ready to provide your sales staff with the education they need to not only help your business succeed but to improve their individual success as well.

A large percentage of the population makes a buying decision based on how well they trust a salesperson as well as that person’s credibility. Wesleyne Greer is a firm believer in honesty at all levels of the sales process. In her mind, clarity is kindness and feels that a salesperson should never simply tell a client what they want to hear. This can set up unrealistic expectations and actually lead to the loss of a client when what is promised cannot be delivered. Transformed Sales training includes methods that enable your clients to develop a more honest, open relationship with clients. They learn ways to communicate that let a client know they have been heard and understood, creating a better working relationship for both you and the client.

Your salesforce is the main revenue-driving department in your company. With increasing competition that is growing more global each day, you want to be sure your salespeople have the tools they need to succeed. Transformed Sales offers a training option that eliminates wasted efforts that often occur when a sales team is left to their own devices.

If you have hired new sales staff, you may not realize that it could take as long as three months for them to become fully productive. During that time, they will learn about your products and services, adjust to a new market, learn from their clients and gain more insight into the competition. However, by providing sales training, you may be able to shorten the learning period, increasing the efficiency and output of the new employee. Transformed Sales offers several different new employee training options designed to get them in front of customers faster in order to have them bring in revenue sooner.

Wesleyne also knows that your salesforce is the face of your company. Even if you have a strong brand, what your sales team says, how they say it and how they interact with customers will have an impact on that brand. Transformed Sales offers training that addresses behaviors and attitudes that can make a long-lasting impression on clients, helping you build a better brand and grow your client base.

Clients will say no, and it is important that your salesforce know how to deal with that rejection. Wesleyne provides details on how a “no” could be turned into a “yes.” This includes role playing and other methods that are designed to give your salesforce practice in dealing with denials. It is also important for salespeople to know when to accept the “no” as aggressive actions could lead to lost client. This is part of Wesleyne’s adventurous nature as she uses everyone’s desire to explore and discover as a way to deal with rejection.

Transformed Sales can help take your salesforce to the next level and provide guidance to any new members of the team. You can arrange for a consultation by calling today or filling out the easy online form to learn more.