Inspire Your Sales Team To Reach Their Full Potential

Our custom sales training programs align with your unique business goals to address the challenges of sales leaders and salespeople.

Sales Training

Transformed Sales helps you deliver the right message, the right way, to the right customer. We are dedicated to changing behavior in sales teams.

Sales Consulting

Our strategic sales consulting helps companies accelerate their growth by optimizing sales process, team, and tools.

Sales Hiring

Finding the right people who will not only sell, but who will also thrive in your culture is often a serious challenge.

Self-Directed Training

Most formal sales training programs typically provided by the organization or manager do not take into account individual needs and previous experience.

Sales Team Evaluation

We can help you identify gaps in your team’s current behavior, attitude, and techniques, and develop a customized training plan to close those gaps.

Sales Coaching

Our coaching identifies the key behaviors of sales professionals and coaches the development of the new behaviors effectively.

Who Do You Want To Train?

Sales Training Solutions For Salespeople



Implementing change takes time, whether you’re changing attitudes, behaviors or processes.

Our team will be happy to help you.

Sales training programs for every step of your sales process

From proactive calling to sales management, we have a sales training and coaching program to meet the needs of your team. All of our solutions are customized to your company or organization and delivered by Wesleyne, who understands your industry.

We have been designing and delivering impactful learning experiences to numerous clients nationwide. Let’s discuss your priorities so we can design learning solutions specific to the needs of your team.

We provide sales training, sales team evaluations, sales consulting, sales hiring support, sales coaching, and self-directed training following the below process:



We’ll conduct in-depth research so that we understand your company or organization’s current capabilities, challenges and opportunities. We’ll learn about your business through site visits, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and ride-along visits. 



By creating strategic links to your business, strategy, competencies, and systems, our design team will develop custom solutions that reinforce your key priorities and build a common language across your company or organization.



Our industry leading facilitators deliver powerful learning experiences that accelerate sales results. We’ll help you choose the right training modality for your team, whether it be instructor-led, virtual instructor-led, video-based learning, e-learning, or self-study.



All of our solutions have reinforcement options built in to create lasting business results. We collaborate with you to determine the reinforcement systems that will work best in your sales team. 

Sales Training Solutions For Sales Managers


Practical Sales Management

Leverage one to impact many for increased performance from your team.


Practical Sales Management 2.0

Take your sales management capabilities and results to the next level. 


Story Selling

Adopt a differentiated communication approach.


Sales Leader Blueprint

Translate your organization’s goals into individual action. 


Strategic Sales Blueprint

Align your organization by planning today for success tomorrow.


Sales Culture Diagnostic

Benchmark your sales culture against sales organizations across North America.