Wesleyne Whittaker

Empowering Minds, Breaking Barriers

Wesleyne had a comforting but confident demeanor, kept a good pace through the speech, and moved to topics seamlessly and with good flow. The audience was engaged and I was not bored with the speech and it was 8am so that was a good sign.

-Brooklyn D, McKinstry





Transformed Sales

The Human Edge in Business: Unleashing Adaptability, Intelligence, and Emotional Insight

Discover the unique human qualities that drive business success – adaptability, intelligence, and emotional insight. This presentation will bridge these personal attributes to the professional realm, showcasing how they cultivate a team that’s not only intelligent and responsive but also empathetic, fostering innovation and growth.

Staying Ahead in a Smart World: Navigating Tech-Savvy Customers

Explore strategies for sales teams to outpace the evolving landscape of tech-savvy customers. Learn how to add value and become trusted advisors in an era where buyers are armed with extensive information even before engaging with sales representatives.

Making Real Connections: Mastering the Art of Reading Between the Lines

Delve into the magic of creating genuine connections with customers. Beyond the typical sales pitch, this session focuses on interpreting the subtle cues and unspoken words that reveal your customer’s true needs. Explore simple yet powerful techniques to build trust and loyalty, transforming every sale into a lasting relationship.

Supercharging Your Sales Team: Harnessing the Power of Tech Tools

Take a deep dive into cutting-edge technology tools that can elevate your sales team’s performance. Explore the strategic use of systems for customer relationship management and learning and development platforms, empowering your sales force to operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness.



"Dynamic professional Wesleyne Whittaker, with over 20 years of experience working with global corporations, combines scientific knowledge with behavioral-based strategies to empower sales teams to excel."

Accomplished sales strategist, leadership coach, and thought leader with 15+ years of experience. Specializes in personal branding, breaking barriers, and delivering winning sales strategies for B2B organizations. Expertise in sales coaching, sales enablement cultures, problem-centric training, leadership development, equity, diversity, and strategic marketing. Sought-after speaker and consultant excelling in complex sales processes and delivering exceptional value to clients.

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Audience feedback

In my opinion, Wesleyne was the highlight of the panel. From her opening statements to her opinionated and insightful takes on the ranging AI topics, I thoroughly appreciated her at the summit today.

Carly W, Ceva Logistics

Provided very valuable and important information on empathy with clear examples that we can recognize in our own lives. The insight she provides is invaluable to any industry where people are the business

Delaney S, Georgia Tech

Intentional. All valuable & practical information delivered really well. Do not feel like she wasted our time or gave us any “fluff” information. 

- Dom W, Mitratech

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