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Here, I go over 3 ways you can repurpose your podcast:

Create Long-Form Blogs

Search engines like quality, long-form content. And, perhaps your audience does, as well.

It’s possible to repurpose your episode into a long-form blog or article by taking the main points that were talked about in your show and wordsmithing them to a standalone post.

Here’s the good news: you do not need to do much extra research. When you have an episode to work with, all the research has already been done.

Make Audiograms

Making audiograms is an ideal method of sharing audio content on social media. As a matter of fact, according to NY Public Radio WNYC, the median engagement for an audiogram that’s posted on Twitter is 8 times greater than a non-audiogram tweet! Also, Facebook posts that have audiograms outperformed posts that had links and photos by up to 83 percent!

Audiograms clearly can help to grow your reach upon social media, as well as attract more listeners to the show.

And just in case you were wondering, “What’s an audiogram?” – it is a brief audio file that has been converted to a video file. It’ll involve taking a part of audio from an episode, an intriguing image then pairing them together. They oftentimes have an animation of a soundwave that is triggered as somebody pushes play to view the audiogram.

They’re ideal for sharing audio on social media. Audiograms grab people’s attention and convince them to stop scrolling and begin to listen. Of course, they only will get to listen to one snippet of your episode, meaning they will need to click on the link you gave to catch the complete episode. When that happens, you potentially have yourself a new listener – congratulations!

Record Live Video

Have you ever considered making a live video for your show?

There are some ways to go about this.

First off, live stream your episode’s recording to your channel(s) of choice (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).

It’s an easy and quick method of repurposing your episode to video. All you need to do is record the episode as you broadcast it live to the audience. Easy…

Okay, so I am guessing some folks are scared by the idea of live streaming and live streaming when recording sounds terrifying. It isn’t for everyone; however, there are some folks who do this, and they do it well. It’ll create a new following for your show, as well as a live community.

Alternatively, consider repurposing the subject of your most recent episode to a separate live stream. By that I mean you aren’t recording the show at the same time, yet instead of making a completely different live stream that’s based on the exact same subject.

It’s a fun way to get listeners to interact with you, as it’s possible to host a live Q&A or bring guests onto the live stream, as well.

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